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  • Your skin type is beautiful.

    Does shopping for skincare make you feel bad about your skin? Oily, dry, combo, aging, acne prone, sensitive. What’s the deal with all these skin types?

    Bear with us. Have you ever taken one of those skin type surveys? We have, and by the end we felt old and wrinkled, blotchy and pimply, and overall pretty anxious about our skin. And confused. Your skin is always responding to all types of input, so what’s going on with your skin really depends on the weather, hormones, diet, stress, sleep… you name it. Our skin is not really a “type,” it’s more of an evolution of conditions. Sorting people into these simplified categories (not one of them flattering) is just an easy way to market products to all the lovely customers who have been told their skin is too oily, dry, sensitive, mature, sun damaged… and they better buy some products quick because they look like they got hit with the ugly stick. What a punch in the morale gut.

    It’s like we have to be skin shamed so we then easily tumble into the marketing funnel of the beauty world, searching for the product or products that will fix all the issues we obsess over. Or maybe that’s just us.

    And yeah, we sell skincare products. But we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t feel that they really work at improving overall skin health. You will see improvement with FIELD products, but know that you are already beautiful, and these skincare products are really just icing on the cake. Almost literally. But pulease, someone slap us if we ever make magic wand claims.

    Beauty products should be simple and effective, and should be used as a part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. Like, a serum isn’t going to fix your skin if you go to the tanning bed every day, or if you a eat a crappy processed food diet. The best ingredients adjust to whatever your skin is doing that day, whether it’s a hormonal breakout or a bit of redness from a windy day. That’s why plants are so great! They have all this inherent defense built up that makes them adaptable to whatever nature throws at them. And they don’t give a hot damn what skin “type” you have!

  • So overwhelmed by self care advice that you don’t want to get out of bed?


    Drink lemon water daily. Dry brush daily. Exfoliate weekly. Exercise daily. Meditate. Bathe. Write. Sit. Walk. Breathe. Fart. 

    These days, every celebrity and wellness coach and casual blogger is telling you how to take care of yourself. There’s a blog out there with 50 self care ideas. 50?! Seriously? First off, ain’t nobody doing all of these things everyday, not even Queen of Goop Gwyneth Paltrow. One of the suggestions was to eat a cookie. Like anyone needs to tell US to eat a cookie, amiright (as long as it’s vegan.) But surrrrriously we have got to lighten up on ourselves. What kind of standards do we hold our daughters and nieces to, telling them that they need to do all these things just to make themselves well adjusted in mind/body/soul? Doesn’t it just create anxiety instead?

    It’s not like we’re pooh-poohing all the advice. We do a couple of things mostly daily that make us feel better. (it’s all about farts and pooh-pooh in this post).

    So do what makes you feel good, and follow the advice of one or two heroes if that works for you. But if you don’t get around to doing that yoga class or facial mask or juice detox, don’t beat yourself up about it. Accept that you will stumble on some days and soar on others.

    You got this.