Smell My Feet

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Take a stand! No more stinky feet! 

If you wear shoes without socks, you probs have a little foot odor thang going on. A Bit Too Obsessed With Pumps girl and Wears His Ratty Old Converse Everyday guy, we’re talking to you. No worries. Smell My Feet uses unique blend of deodorizing botanicals to neutralize the foot odor caused by sweaty feet. We use a moisturizing base of witch hazel and aloe so you can practice a little foot care as well. Free from synthetic fragrance and all the other baddies.

With a grounding herbal scent, Smell My Feet is gender neutral and useful for the whole family. Spray it on the soles of your feet and inside your shoes morning and night, and you’ll never be embarrassed about foot odor at yoga class again.

4.23 fl oz/125 ml


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